Friday Night Flavas (Unknown Date)

C-Minus joins J. Rocc on the 1's and 2's for this segment. I'll keep making this a Monday tradition as long as J.Rocc keeps making this a Friday tradition. Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

I always preferred Soul Assassins radio (circa turn of the century) over Friday Night Flavas. S.A. had a much darker vibe, and was a lot more stoney. FNF had J-Rocc, but the others always played forgettable songs and didn't really do anything amazing on the decks. It was basically J-Rocc and the B-list Junkies, while S.A. had Babu, Melo-D and Rhettmatic

Eric Nord said...

FNF was built around J.Rocc. Most people consider him, if not the best hop hop DJ, then at least as good as anyone else. Truly OdD was underrated, imo (he spun underground thug ish). I agree that C-Minus and Choc aren't in the same league as J, but Choc hardly ever spun and C-Minus prolly spun about 20% of the time.

Soul Assassins was a bit more professional in terms of presentation. Muggs has been holding it down for decades, no doubt. That Beat Junkie era of Soul Assassins was great. Those guys have the same level of technical skill as J, but I would say J is the better selector. Plus his exclusives were crazy. He had lots of East Coast connects.

It's no disrespect to Soul Assassins. Both shows held it down. The fact that we are even debating this shows how good that era was.

Anonymous said...

oh no doubt, J is the best Junkie, that's no question. If he had been on Soul Assassins with Babu and Melo-D, or those two with him on FNF, that would have been the greatest show of all time.

Most underrated radio dj of all time goes to Revolution in my opinion. That dudes mixes put me in a zone like no other, almost the same vibe as a J-Rocc mix (almost). His Wake-up show mixes used to bug me the fuck out!

Eric Nord said...

I agree about Rev. Those kick-off sets on the Wake Up Show were so intense, especially in the mid-90s. Rev conveyed an urgency and relevance that is completely absent from the hip hop today. Of course, a lot of the credit goes to the artists. But Rev always knew how to channel that energy, especially at the beginning of the show.