DJ Revolution Interviews DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow Full Episode from The Cut on Vimeo.

For those of you who really think about this craft of ours on a deep, intellectual level, this interview is for you. Shadow has always been one of (if not the most) articulate deejay in the game. Watch Shadow opine about a variety of topics that range from his initial attraction to music, balancing touring with family, being forced to make artistic compromises as a deejay and artist, arguing with Q-Bert over the name "Shadow," among other topics. Props to Revolution for asking all the questions that really got Shadow to open up. Highly Recommended.


ADA said...

really great interview! Shadow has always been a heavy influence so it's always fascinating to hear about how he came up.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating interview!

There's something to be said for someone so talented and well-spoken.

Anonymous said...

Amazing interview!

I agree, Rev did a great job. I'm glad it's a full length interview too, and not one of those little 10 minute teasers.

Shadow had a little brain fart when mentioning who turned him on to getting an MPC - he said Neil Armstrong, but he meant Stretch Armstrong.