I Miss Hip Hop Part 1 - Mixed by Mr. Choc

Many of you who don't live in the L.A. area may not appreciate how solid Choc is on the wheels.  Well, it's never to late to get hip to the game and enjoy the sounds of another great Beat Junkie deejay.

 In 08 I had the chance to tour Australia. I decided to make a series of mixes called I miss hip hop. The plan was to finish it before I went to Australia... This is PT 1 of that series I started but never finished. Now that I'm on Mixcrate I will be finishing the series and putting up more mixes of Turntable Wizardry! Get ready!!!



The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

This is pretty disappointing mix. I turned it off after 12 minute mark,Choc's playing the same tunes everybody else plays,radio hits from 90's. No digging at all. WTF? No little known albums tracks,no rare underground joints,nothing but the standard radio hits everybody else plays.I just don't get why deejays nowadays are so lazy and complacent. There's so much quality Hip Hop out there why stick with spinning the same old the top 50 radio joints of 90's every other man spins?

Anonymous said...

If Choc wasn't such a pi$$ a$$ pr!*k I might be more inclined to dl his mix.
But I just don't support anything with this guy...
that's just my stance.

However, he is a pretty damn good DJ.

pipomixes said...

Just curious, why such strong feelings about Choc Anonymous?

dfabix said...


Everytime I've seen the guy (at shows, in public, etc) he's just not a very cool guy...a little too much sun facing nose, if you get my drift...

Granted...I haven't ran into him in a while and I do not want to take away from his abilities as a DJ and his place in hip hop.
I just don't care for him (as a person I guess)...that's all.

I remember a time when he wasn't so well known and he still thought he was big stuff...eh, I think it's a personal vendetta that I kinda voiced on your site without thinking.

I'm just a grumpy old man and should retract it all...lol

DL this mix, it's probably pretty fresh!