The King James Version - Mixed by House Shoes

I don't think I ever posted this mix when I first copped it at the Suite For Ma Dukes event a few years back. I sat on the mix because I thought it would be bad karma to post a mix that was being used to raise money for Ma Dukes.  I guess it's all good now if House Shoes posted the mix on his Mixcrate account.  Here it is for those who didn't already have it.  Highly Recommonded.


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Eric Nord said...

I've been waiting for this one a long time! (what can i say... I'm a cheap bastard) I'm about 30 minutes into it and. The hype around this is big. And I'm definitely impressed with the sheer volume of samples and the reconstructions (of dilla's beats). But as a mix it's pretty dry. I doubt I'll play this more than a few times. It's more of a production lesson / trainspotter porn (but in that regard it's amazing :-).