Brooklyn Herbs - Mixed by Pipomixes

I think I must have stopped and restarted working on this mix at least half a dozen times. Originally, I intended to do a second installment of the Doomed mix from a few years back by mixing the instrumentals from all the Special Herbs and Spices volumes. Upon completing the instrumental mix I thought the mix sounded a little bland and needed something more to bring Doom's beats to life. I'd tell you all the different ideas that I tried that ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor, but it would hurt me too badly to hear someone say; "Oh, you should've done this or that instead."

In end, I ended up throwing a bunch of Biggie and Jay-Z vocals over the pre mixed Doom beats. The mix is done in the style of the Biggie Jackson and Chris Jones mixes, so don't expect a mix to bore you with vocals you already know over beats you've already heard. Instead, I attempted to do what all deejays should do; take music you know, but mix, mash, and blend it in a way that creates a completely unique listening experience. Well, at least that's what I attempted to do. I guess all of you will ultimately judge how successful I was. Enjoy the mix.


Anonymous said...

Had this on all of today, great mix Pipo, thanks for the hard work!

pipomixes said...

Thank you. glad you enjoyed the mix

Godzilla Jr. said...

this is dope! salute