Crate Diggers: Just Blaze's Vinyl Collection

A few thoughts here:

-Damn, I love Fuse for this series.

-WTF? Shawn J swore off sampling and sold his collection to Just Blaze! Real shame. But I guess that answers the over 10 year old mystery of what happened to Shawn J.

-I'm a fan of fashion and dressing to impress, but Just Blaze seems to be coming off as overly metro in the last few interviews I've seen of him.


Bowls said...

Thanks for this. IMO, Just Blaze has been coming off as a pompous dickhead for the past few years in interviews/videos. Funny how record digging conversations make him seem like a normal dude again.

Rudy Martinez said...

This was, for me, the best episode of Crate Diggers yet! I'm not a huge Just Blaze fan, but he just opened my eyes to a shit load of new artists and solved a couple break questions i've had for years.