Hip Hop, Instrumentals, and Flavors - Mixed by DJ Ian Head


Excellent, excellent mix of very moody instrumental tracks. Ian Head never disappoints in delivering well crafted mixes that have that dusty, crackly sound.

Of all the mixes I've made this is one of those that has stayed in relative constant rotation, especially when I'm tryin to just cool out on a long day. I also did a "visual tracklisting" at the time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHR8OG_n4OA&feature=share&list=UUyDKqJ23wUgd0R5nuQC27oA

Here's what I wrote when I sent it around back in December 2007:

hola my friends,
it's the time again for a few minutes of vinyl plates via the fiber-optics..
just close your eyes and pretend it's an old TDK or maxell...
for real, just 30 minutes or so of relaxed, washing-the-dishes hiphop as the cold days approach...lemme know what ya think.
hope everyone is well,

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Eric Nord said...

great mix from a prolific dj