Bedroom Rockers

Considering that this is primarily a blog by a deejay for deejays, I imagine all of you will pull inspiration from seeing pics of the bedroom set-ups of some of your favorite deejays (Spinna, Edan, Eleven, Ayres, Fakts One, and more).  My personal favorites are Will Eastmon's mid century style look (shown above) along with Edan's version of the OCD deejay.  Also, props to Nicole Otero for incorporating the cat litter box and water bowls into her deejay set-up.  I'm still analyzing every detail of each pic to see the computers, equipment, records, furniture, lamps, etc.. shown.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm still searching for the perfect table for my turntables that is both aesthetically appealing and sturdy enough for the tts.  Somehow, Ikea furniture just doesn't cut it for this kind of stuff.  View pics HERE.

Via Egotrip.


Eric Nord said...

Look at all those CRTs!!!

Rudy Martinez said...

Damn, 20 out of the 24 said "Fuck carpet! I'm buying more vinyl!

Bunker Beds said...

The bedroom rockers are shared in the post here