Crate Diggers: DJ Tommp's Vinyl Collection

Who says corporations are all bad? Thanks to the Toyota Corporation and those legendary, free Scion parties (circa 02-06) I was able to see some of the greatest deejays in the world perform free of charge. Thanks to Cablevision's Fuse channel all of us beat heads have been able to get glimpses inside the record collections of our favorite deejays/producers. Charles Dolan is one of the worst owners in NBA history, but he runs a mean music channel. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

These are great.
Now we need editions with Flash, Afrika Bam and Kool Herc.

dj ian head said...

roaches! i love how much he loves the records, the covers, the ideas. totally not on some super-rare arrogant bs like some other cats. one of my favorites of the series.