Kenny Dope October Weekend All 45 Mix

Highly Recommending a Kenny Dope mix goes without saying. Enjoy.

Welcome to October's weekend mix once again just playing some
new funk and some older one's all 45's,just a mix to push
new funk & re-issue's and peace to all the labels pushing the
music foward !!!
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1.Love Me A Little While Longer - Funky Music Machine (Black Top)
2.Baby - The Phenomenal Handclap Band (Truth & Soul)
3.Mango Walk - Walter Branco (Dynamite Soul)
4.Ham Hocks & Beans Pt.1-Chuck Womack (Re-Joint)
5.Fancy Roll - The Grips (Ged Soul)
6.90% Of Me -Amrau's Trinidad Band (Weed Beat)
7.Strychnine - The Grits (Mocambo)
8.Chicken - The Soul Investigators (Timmion)
9.Get Involved Pt.1 - Wolfpack (White)
10.Hey Sallie Mae,Get Off My Feet - Lee Fields (Desco)
11.Scopolamine - Michael Leonhart (Truth & Soul)
12.The Hatch - The T.M.G's (Funk 45)
13.Black Boy - Dyke & The Blazers (Beat Goes Public)
14.Nervous Like Me Pt.2 - The Dap-Kings (Kay-Dee)
15.Dance Of The Dragons Pt.2 - The Heliocentrics (Now Again)
16.Freeway Crowd - J.T. Allen (Crowbar)
17.Hot Pants On Fire - The Fabulous Soul Investigators (Timmion)
18.C'Ex -Phillippe Nicaud (Rivera)
19.Hook N Sling - The Soul Command (Soul Fire)
20.Cold Heat - Lil Lavair
21.Daytona - Yosuke Tominaga (Champ)
22.Funky Thang - Dorando and The Ice Picks Of Soul (Sure Shot)
23.Stay In The Groove Pt.4 - The Dap-Kings Feat Rickey Calloway (Kay-Dee)
24.Purification Pt.4 - Funkshone (Kay-Dee)
25.Leave My Beat Alone - Raw Soul (Plut)
26.Pistol Whip - T-Bottoms (Funk Night)
27.Rappin All Over Pt.2 - The Marvelous 3 (Kay-Dee)
28.It's Just Begun - The Simonsound (Project Blue Book)
29.Electronic Brain Break - Virgil Howe & Shawn Lee (Breakin Bread)
30.The Clayton Break - Virgil Howe & Mark Clayton (Breakin Bread)
31.Phantom Pt.2 - Yosuke Tominga (Champ)
32.Soul To The People Pt.2 - The Fantastic Souls (Kay-Dee)
33.Tighten Up Pt.1 - Maceo & The Flames (Dynamite)
34.Ritual Pt.1 - Soul Sugar (Mocambo)
35.The Popcorn (Inst) - The Soul Believers (King)

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ADA said...

I love this, I love how he rocks doubles so nonchalantly. Kenny Dope!!!!