Live at "Whatever!" - Mixed by DJ Melo-D

Here's a refreshing mix where you can actually hear Melo mixing the kind of party tracks most of us would want to hear if we went out to have a good time.  It's always a good thing to hear Melo-D mixing something other than the House sets he primarily plays at his Vegas residency.  I'm not bashing because I understand we all have to eat, but hearing his more recent "Vegas" type sets do make me cringe.  The mix starts getting really good around the 12 minute mark.  Enjoy.


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ADA said...

Melo D! feeling this one, haven't heard a recent mix from him in a while. I'm always impressed at not only how clean he is, but the little things he does to keep it interesting. also worth noting how well he knows his music, the tracks just fall into place and you can tell he doesn't pick em just based on bpm or anything, they really go well together!