DJ AM on Power 106 (12/29/05)

I was hoping to post my top mixes of 2012 today, but I still have a few more months to review before I make my final selections. Until then, here's an old DJ AM mix that was posted (re-posted) a few days ago. I'm not really sure if describing AM as the pioneer of the "open format" mix is entirely accurate (perhaps the argument could be made that he pioneered this style at the high-end club level), but it is certainly a quality mix regardless. Ironically, the highlight of the mix (around the 55 min. mark) comes right after the low point of the mix (some annoying reggaeton joint). Before you all bitch and moan about me posting an AM mix, just listen to it before you get all aggressive.

Here is DJ AM's "The Power 106 – 12 Day of Mixmas" recording from December 29th, 2005. It’s been 7 years now since it went down and, in retrospect, this singular mix hitting the internet had a massive effect on countless DJ’s and helped move DJ’ing forward into the open format / mashup era that thrived from 2006-2009.

To help paint a picture of the times back then, this mix came along when hip hop and NOTHING BUT hip hop completely dominated the clubs and the airwaves. Open format DJ’ing had not fully re-emerged from its’ late 90s coma yet so music was very one dimensional. Also during this time, Power 106 FM in Los Angeles was a STRICTLY hip hop and R&B station, they never deviated from that playlist (even in their mixshows) so this mix was quite a shock to their regular listeners. In December 2005, Power decided to have a “club” themed day of mixes with back to back 2 hour sets from DJ AM & DJ Vice. AM did this mix live in the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday for 2 solid hours.

This is the PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED full uncut version of the mix. For more back story & never-seen-before pics, you can check out:


Anonymous said...

Did someone hack your account and post this mix?

pipomixes said...

Ha ha. Keep em coming. Did you actually listen? In any event, happy holidays

Anonymous said...

Great djing but some of those songs should never have been made, let alone put in the mix (sweet home alabama especially)

Anonymous said...

RIP Iron Man 2