My 12 Favorite Mixes of 2012

Compiling this list was much more difficult than I thought it was going to be.  By definition, every mix that gets posted on this blog is dope.  This blog isn't here for the sake of posting mixes just to post a mix.  For that reason, filtering all of the year's mixes into a short list was a very challenging task.  I have three thoughts for those of you who may be disappointed that your mix wasn't mentioned in the list.  First, mixes from names such as Jazzy Jeff, J.Rocc, Kenny Dope, and Rich Medina also did not make the list.  So rest assure that you're in good company.  Second, it was impossible to reevaluate every mix that was posted this last year so the odds that I simply overlooked your mix are pretty good.  Finally, this is by no means the final word on the best mixes of the year.  You can clearly see that my list was heavily skewed toward more recently released mixes that were more fresh in my ears.  In the end, debating how crappy my list is is half the fun when it comes to these things.  As a result,  a "perfect" list wouldn't be much fun anyway.

Most Favorite Mix of 2012

Little Big Things - Mixed by Personify, Froz1, & Case Bloom

Other Favorite Mixes of 2012

House Breaks - Mixed DJ Hudson
WhatUpDo Vol. 2 - Mixed by DJ Rhettmatic
J Tape - Mixed Total Eclipse
Boutique Beats - Mixed by Chris Read
Straighten it Out Volume 2 - Mixed by Jim Sharp
60 Minute Boiler Room Mix - Mixed by Questlove
Science of Sound - Mixed by Gaff
Soundtrack Pro - Mixed by Marsellus Wallace
Soul Sisters Stand Up - Mixed by Scratch Bastid
Solid Steel Radio Show - Mixed by DJ Cheeba, DJ Moneyshot, & DJ Food
Full Circle - Mixed by DJ ADA


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props Pipo - I always appreciate the support! Good list too - there's a few that I've missed out on so will definitely check those. All the best for 2013.

pipomixes said...

Well deserved. Keep the mixes coming

dj ian head said...

Excellent - I had missed some of these, gonna check now. Thanks as always for all the great mixes Pipo!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this. i take your word on it so i'm listening to little big things right now. i agree w/the gaff soul sisters mix (the stand up one specifically).

pure fire. you into boogie? i got a ton of mixes that you might like. hit me up and i'll be more than happy to bless.

btw, i don't know your thoughts on a lot of well-known djs. a lot of them are dope, diggers and great technically...but they're pretty stuck in time. their sets are uninspiring and the selections are better suited for mixtapes than hearing live.