The Sciece of Sound - Mixed by The Gaff

This is a high quality mix that I highly recommend you listen to. Description below.

Alright, SO. This is a MIx I made especially for The Rub in Brooklyn as they have their 10 year anniversary to the day, the day I happen to be playing There. The Planets 'aligned' so to speak lol. To have ANY monthly club night for 10 years is amazing, let alone NYC.
Dj Ayres, Cosmobaker & DJ Eleven created a movement/party that is world renowned. I'm honored to be a part of it July 28th 2012, with Dj Ayres, Dj Eleven, & JUST BLAZE.

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The Gaff
'The Science Of Sound' for The RUB 10 Yr. Anniversary

Science of Sound intro
Junior's drums/Axe
"The Beat" Lou Johnson
"Chicken Heads" Mighty Joe Young
Godfather's Drums, not just a pizza man
"Tonight" DJ Numark ft.J-live & Erica Dee
"bonus beat #3" Supreme La Rock
400 yr.old Tortoise Goes 2 Shanghai
"the origins of 'funky' over Hop Toad"
Red Fox Meets Rob Frankenstein Organization
"Hicky Burr" The Dave Shaw Ten
Fat Albert can Hum Anything!
"Kick The Habit" Large Professor
"locomotive (drums) Nas/my Adidas" (acapella) Run DMC
"ain't no half steppin" (Gaff Remix) Big Daddy Kane
(using: Roger Gravel's "flashback", Monk Higgins, ESG,
Questlove 'ludwiggy' drums, Al Hirt & Hugo "Sentries Charge")
"when u wanna step?" interlude/segue-The Gaff
"the instigator" Romanowski
"gettin Upset over Zalatnay"
Blind Man Break over:
"Baker's Dozen" The Simonsound
"Explanation Of Sound"
Gaffs got The Last Word
"Peace Of Mind" S.O.U.L. (Gaff edit)
"peace is not the word to play (remix)"-Main Source
"Scratchin" (Gaff MultiMix)-Magic Disco Machine
The Letter After "E" -Grover
"For Those That Slept" -Black Sheep
(and to those always sleeping on my shit, 'those' giving me parking tickets, cell phone companies & their hidden long distance charges & ridiculous "fees" gas companies trying to keep us on fossil fuels to get rich for one lifetime potentially ruining it for future generations, popo hiding in bushes trying to catch speeders and don't give em a break if they got a valid reason, and any of "THOSE" other people)

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ADA said...

nice one, short and sweet but very expertly put together!