D'Angelo Live - Mixed by Sam Champ

I missed this gem somehow.  Props to Sam Champ for seamlessly mixing various live performances by D'Angelo.  The mixing is not the highlight of this "mix" however, the highlight is hearing one of the great performers of recent time.

1. Fantastic Intro
2. Brown Sugar
3. Devil's Pie
4. Crisco
5. Left & Right
6. Chicken Grease
7. Lady
8. Left & Right (Reprise)
9. Feel Like Making Love
10. Can't Hide Love
11. Things You Do (Fall in Love)
12. One Mo' Gin
13. Me and Those Dreaming Eyes of Mine
14. S.D.M.
15. Untitled (How Does It Feel)

Presented exclusively by Okayplayer (okayplayer.com)
Compiled and mixed by Sam Champ (samchamp.bandcamp.com)

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