Splash! Mag Interviews Dilated Peoples

In another episode of "Vinyl Check," the folks at Splash! Mag engage in a comprehensive interview with Evidence, Rakaa and DJ Babu of Dilated Peoples. The interview goes through their catalog as a group, as well as their respected solo efforts on albums and singles like ''The Platform'', ''Expansion Team'', ''The L.J.'s'', ''The Weatherman LP'', "Crown Of Thorns", "Third Degree" or "Duck Season". The interview also discusses records from artists such as The Alchemist (''1st Infantry''), Kanye West (''College Dropout'') and Defari (''Bionic''). Is it me, or did all three of them get a little weird when they start reflecting back to Defari? In a clear moment of candor, you can tell that the criticism surrounding "This Way" got into their heads a little bit.

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The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Weirdness about Defari? I didn't see that.