Vinyl Destination: Episode 1 - DJ Jazzy Jeff

Here lies a pretty promising documentary series that follows Jazzy Jeff's travels around the globe. Episode 1 follows Jeff as he visits Hong Kong. Two thoughts. One, I think I had some kind of footgasm watching the footage of "Sneaker" street in Hong Kong. I never had much of a desire to visit Hong Kong, but now it has moved up to #2 on my Asian destination list behind Tokyo. Two, how the hell do you get Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Dogg Pound to perform in a 500 person capacity club? Either each person there paid $50K a pop or Dre was promised a free Chinese factory (or something along those lines) to manufacturer his headphones free of charge.

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Mizurk said...

Great. Rich people buying sh*t around the world. Doesn't this kind of thing kind of leave bit of a stale taste when so many brothers and sisters can't get a job or feed their kids?

I mean, I love Jazzy Jeff but if he's going to make a documentary I'd rather it feature his music than the fact that he can drop 10K on sneakers. GIven his long roster of successes, I'd take that as a given.