Escapism! - Mixed by Phoreyz & DJ Expo

I received a bunch of dope mix cds in my mailbox Friday afternoon courtesy of my main man, DJ Expo.  This 2x4 mix recorded live is an absolute gem.  I don't even need all of my fingers on one hand to count the amount of times I've been to a bar/club in the last year, but I'd be in heaven if I walked into a nightspot and saw/heard two deejays putting in work like this.  Like any good 2x4 mix, expect to hear all sorts of blends, remixes, and a wide assortment of genres tastefully mixed into one big audio landscape. Very well done.


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DJ Bozo said...

You can catch these guys at Blue Monkey Bar in H'wood. Had my birthday there last year and they were getting down on the 1's and 2's!