New York Minute 101 - Midnight Marauder

New York Minute - 101 - Midnight Marauder by Gasface

I've posted a variety of Gasface videos over the last several months, but I never actually bothered to peep all of their videos on their Dailymotion site.  Man, whoever these guys are, they are just on some other ish.  From insightful interviews of deejays and producers to compelling documentaries, these folks are bringing heat from a very fresh perspective.  The above mini-doc examines the culture of street CD hustlers by focusing on a particular vendor who was shot to death by a NYPD cop.  It's been 4-5 years since I last visited NYC and I just figured all the CD hustlers took their hustle to web.  Apparently, I was wrong.  I still don't follow the logic of thinking you can sell music that nobody has ever heard of on the street when everybody can download music they are familiar with on the web for free.  However, the spirit of the hustler (specifically the NYC hustler) never ceases to amaze me.

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their documentary where they search galt mcdermot is next level