Open Your MInd (Side 2) - Mixed by DJ Monk-One

An oldie, but a goodie from 1996. A mixtape made during a time when deejays didn't have the luxury of editing their mixes. Instead, you had one of three choices when recording a mix. One, record a mix that sounds like sloppy trash. Two, have better deejay skills than God and record a solid mix in one take. Or three, practice a mix over and over again until you think you've got the mix down to the point where you're ready to press record. Then, keep recording the mix over and over again (throwing out a tape for each botched mix or compromise sound quality by recording over an old tape) until you get a take down that's clean enough to be heard by a stranger's ears.

One of my early mixtapes. This was done in 1996 for Fat Beats to sell in the store. I did it 100% live, which meant that any time I messed up making it I had to go back and start over. I only had one Technics 1200 at the time, and one crappy belt drive. To my ears now it's full of rough transitions, weird tempo changes, and off beat cuts... But it worked at the time, and was my entré to radio in NYC when G-Man and J-Smooth of the Underground Railroad radio show heard it and invited me up to spin. All original vinyl on a breaks and beats concept. Hope you enjoy this artifact!

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