Funk the World 13 - Mixed by The Gaff

"Wow! When I was asked to contribute to Fort Knox's Epic 'Funk The World' series, I was ecstatic! Given a month time to work on it, the pressure was on! Taking Fans 'around the world' through a musical journey is one of my favourite ways to flaunt obscure sounds. Within these 45 minutes, you'll hear Funk Drums, Latin Melodies & Rhythms, Lebanese Funk, Afrobeat, Brazilian, Latin Jazz, African Funk, Cumbia, and of course, since it's 'Fort Knox'; BREAKBEATS! Much of this is recorded from the original vinyl, and you'll hear a grip of exclusive edits & blends to this mix! Enjoy!"

- The Gaff

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1.) The Gaff-Funk The World Intro (Exclusive)
Cox Orange 'Week-End' Drums/The Zodiac 'Capricorn'
2.) Grupo Socavon-Homenaje a Justino (Thornato Edit) (Promo Version) ---Unreleased
with Juan Pablo Torres snippets from 'Algo Nuevo 'Super Son'' LP---Areito Records
3.) Elias Rahbani-Dance Of Maria---(The Gaff Edit/Thornato Drums Exclusive)---Parlophone Records
3.) Greenwood Rhythm Coalition-Regresar a Cali (Snippet)---NYCT 7"
4.) Marcos Valle-Estrelar (Neighbour edit) ---Unreleased- Original: Som LIvre 7"
5.) Jeremy Sole & His Musaics-Guero Salsero (promo version) ---Unreleased
6.) Dj Numark- Nu's Percussion from 'Canto De Ossanha' ---Up Above Records
7.) Empressarios-Cumbia (Nickodemus Remix)---Fort Knox Recordings
8.) A Bossa Eletrica-Sob A Luz Do Sol (Everybody Loves The Sunshine)---Connective Records
9.) Ricardo Marrero-Babalonia 7" ---Yu Qui Su Records
10.) Sunlight Square Latin Combo-I Believe in Miracles 7" ---SunlightSquare Records
11.) Indigo Jam Unit & Flex Life-I believe in Miracles----Vintage Black Basis Records
12.) GreenWood Rhythm Coalition-Rise UP-NYCT 10"
13.) Kokolo-Soul Power (Lack Of Afro RMX) ---Record Kicks
14.) Tony Allen---Road Close (Dance Dub)---Earthworks Records
15.) T.N.T.H.---Hippopotamus Pt.1---Barclay Records
16.) William Onyeabor-Better Change Your Mind (The Gaff Edit Exclusive)---Wilfilms Records
Blackout Drums/Oscar Peterson DRums
17.) LOVE (Unkown Japanese Band) ---Venus---RCA Japan
18.) Cal Tjader-Borneo (The Gaff edit) Exclusive---Verve Records
Roger SImard Drums
19.) Tino-Ritmos Latinos!
20.)Mongo Santamaria-CInderella
21.) Tate The Example-You and Me-(Murs Instrumental)

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mind expanding grooves. excellent piece.