DJ Magic Mike: DJ Legend Series

I don't know why I'm always hesitant to listen to electro type mixes.  These mixes always seem to encapsulate everything I enjoy about mixes; quick mixes, quick scratches and cuts, turntablism, etc...  In short, you can hear deejays putting in some serious work on these mixes.  Even with all that, I always seem to avoid these mixes.  Stupid me.  Good thing I ignored my finicky self and gave this mix a listen.
DJ Magic Mike is one of the most under-rated DJ legend. With millions of records sold, his Miami bass, turntablism and straight hip hop cuts have delighted many. In this mix, I've picked out a few of my favorites.

Dedicated to Michael Hampton (aka DJ Magic Mike)and his fans

Enjoy with multiple listening. Feedback is appreciated by liking or saving the mix.

1. Intro2. Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock(DJ Magic Mike remix)3. DJ Magic Mike-Magic Mike Cuts the Records4. DJ Magic Mike-M&M's Gettin' Off (remix) 5. Bad Boys of Bass-Turntable Wizard6. DJ Magic Mike-Automatic7. DJ Magic Mike featuring DJ Qbert & DJ Craze-Journey into Scratchin’8. DJ Magic Mike and the Royal Posse-Drop the Bass9. DJ Magic Mike-Feel the Bass10. DJ Richie Rich & DJ Magic Mike-Go DJ11. DJ Magic Mike & DJ Shortkut- Check Me Out Ya’ll12. DJ Magic Mike featuring Infinity- 2001


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