Looking For The Perfect Break, V1 - SIDE A - Mixed by K-Def

I won't front, I haven't listened to this mix quite yet. However, if it's anywhere near the other K-Def mixes posted a little while ago you should listen immediately (because I am).

 Tired of hearing the same ol songs? So is K-Def. From his House of Hits / Pirate Radio days (alongside the legendary Marley Marl), all the way through his current incarnation as a 'producer's producer,' it is safe to assume that the New Jersey native knows a thing or two about records. Looking For The Perfect Break Volume 1 provides a look into K's world, where new breaks and grooves are continuously being unearthed at a breakneck pace and ordinary sounds are run through K-Def's mixboard and morphed into new sonic creations. Much like the Chief Rocka himself, this live, 1-take mixtape on wax does not stand still for too long before K changes the pace and introduces new sounds into the sequence.
This 12" features over 40 minutes of high fidelity audio, seamlessly mixed (no drops or overdubs) and mastered by K-Def a frame-worthy cover/jacket designed by Joe Buck (widely known for his work with De La Soul).
Side A
21 minute seamless mix of rare grooves, breaks and more.
Side B
Track 01: 22 minute seamless mix of rare grooves, breaks and more.
Catalog #: RDF039
Artist: K-Def
Title: Looking For The Perfect Break, Vol 1
Format: 12" Vinyl featuring a rapid fire DJ mix
Label: Redefinition Records
Official Release Date: July 9

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Anonymous said...

only knew 1 break from this set! so this project is quite refreshing to hear. any thoughts about why he chose to release this on vinyl rather than a cd or mix tape? art work is classic but I will never spin this record for listening pleasure but its worth the cop just to have in the collection. any one who enjoyed this collection of breaks should know about this also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_0h1I2pU7E

- omeganyc