Chris Karns Live at the Do-Over

The mix is alright, but it gets a post for the following reasons:

- Props to Chris Karns for not leaving dude in the denim shirt hanging in front of the girl he was clearly trying to impress. Wearing a denim shirt alone is reason enough to get smacked, but trying to shake hands with a deejay in the middle of his set (doing his intro no less) would certainly provoke a hostile reaction from most deejays.

- Speaking of dude in the denim shirt. I've got to wonder what his girl is thinking when he tries to give Chris Karns a pound in the middle of his set. She is either thinking "look how cool this guy is" or she is thinking "how the hell do I get away from this douchebag." You'd like to think the latter rather than the former, but one can never underestimate what an insecure 18-22 year old girl will do to staying close to the deejay booth.

- Props to Chris Karns for completely clearing the dance floor at the 3:15 mark by playing a track from Organized Konfusion.

- Back to the denim guy, the real reason to watch this video is to see whether he can actually get shorty with the black hair to actually give him some love on the dance floor. Will he continue to just dance in her space and get the occasional friendzone smile? Will shorty actually turn around and dance with the dude and repay all his hardwork and deuchebaggery? Will he get the digits? Does he actually get the digits? Or, is he just sharing photos of his little sister? Only one way to find out...


Anonymous said...

Loving this post haha

got a thing for these Do Over Mixes, though they sometimes get a lil old, but als intriguied by the crowd..

Anonymous said...

pipo, how did you miss the westside gangster sign at 5.26?! classic.