Ego Crushen Sessions - Where a DJ Gets to Be a DJ

Ego Crushen Vol 20 with The Gigantes from BROTHA REESE on Vimeo.

I just got put onto this show from a Mixcrate article written this week.  I'm only about 45 minutes into it as I type, but I'm really impressed with the level of mixing up to this point.  Below is an exerpt from the article.

“I wanted to create a place where DJs could play whatever they wanted. No Rules.“ says Mauricio “Brotha Reese” Cuellar. Reese began to notice that DJs were becoming too programmed. Radio DJs had to stick to the play list they were given and club DJs had to stick to the Top 40 hits. They weren’t allowed to break new records. DJs sets were becoming stale and robotic. They needed some place to express themselves, an outlet. After a discussion with his wife Norma Jean and Venom347, Ego Crushen Sessions was born.

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