The Digging Never Stops (All 45's Vinyl) - Mixed by DJ Ian Head

I continue to find DJ Ian Head a tremendous source of inspiration. Props to him for staying dusty and taking the time to put together these mixes which expose overlooked, quality music. In case you missed yesterday's post, I encourage you to go HERE to catch up and participate in what has become a spirited discussion about the "definition" of a hip hop deejay.

Travels happened this summer - couple days in Pittsburgh, two weeks in Portland, few days in Chicago, then back to the Apple. Along the way, multiple visits were made to key vinyl vendors. Additionally, I went back through some old boxes I'd left at my mom's house the past few years and pulled out a couple gems. In-between roaming the aisles and avoiding papercuts while thumbing through record sleeves, it was interesting to think about how my priorities in digging have changed. I've really been getting into some of the slower, bluesier soul joints - don't know if it's the thick summer weather or I'm just getting older. That being said, I'm still out here looking for the funk.

This is an all-vinyl mixtape, about half an hour of a few of the 45s that I found over the past couple months. Big shout out to all the fam and digging peoples and especially my non-digging friends who let me sneak off for a couple hours to stare at record labels.

I'm starting to put together a more lengthy "Fall" mix, but had to throw something out there in the meantime. THE DIGGING NEVER STOPS!! Hope you enjoy.

- DJ Ian Head


Anonymous said...

F$@K yeah ... love this stuff, Big ups Ian!

thanks PIPO...


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