Koolest Kuts Vol. 1 - Mixed by Patski Love

I've always thought that Kool Keith was dope. I never quite understood why I bought his albums and continued to listen to them, but I would. UMCs, Dr. Octagon, Dr. Doom, Black Elvis, etc... You name it, I bought it and played it until the tape went pop. All the while not really understanding why I kept listening. Kind of like watching a David Lynch film. You don't really love it, but you continue to watch because you just kind of think you should. Not having listened to Kool Keith in over 10 years, I listened to this mix and realized that Kool Keith was just way ahead of his time. Sure, he always told us how ahead of his time he was, but it's a whole different thing to actually be proven correct. Listen to this collection of Keith classics and tell me Kool Keith didn't birth the whole abstract, minimalist, electronic style that is so popular today. Not only didn't he create the style during a time when it was a big no-no, but he did it better than anybody since. Listen and enjoy.
What has now become a tradition when Patski Love books his favorite artists to Oslo, comes another "Best Of" mix. This time long-time Juicy fave MC; Kool Keith of the legendary Ultramagnetic MC's (and then some).

On October 15th Keith and his often collaborator KutMasta Kurt will be performing with Chris Stallion, Patski, Joddski and Ross at Jaeger. In the meantime warm up with nearly 80 minuttes of Kool Keith's best songs and verses as himself, Ultra, Dr. Octagon, Rhythm X, Poppa Large, Dr. Dooom and more.

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01. Ultramagnetic MC's - Funky
02. Dr. Octagon - No Awareness
03. Kool Keith Feat. Motion Man - Sly We Fly
04. Dr. Dooom - No Chorus
05. Kool Keith - Test Press
06. Ultramagnetic MC's - Checkin' My Style
07. Kool Keith - Can I See Your Panties Girl
08. Ultramagnetic MC's - I Like Your Style (Remix)
09. TOKiMONSTA Feat. Kool Keith - The Force (Miguel Campbell Remix)
10. The Cenobites, Godfather Don Feat. Kool Keith - Kick A Dope Verse
11. Sir Menelik AKA Cyclops 4000 Feat. Kool Keith - Space Cadillac
12. Kool Keith - Wanna Be A Star
13. Ultra - Big Time
14. Prince Paul Feat. Kool Keith - Weapon World
15. Kool Keith Feat. Kutmasta Kurt - Break U Off
16. Kool Keith - Lost In Space
17. Dr. Octagon - Girl Let Me Touch You
18. Ultramagnetic MC's - A Chorus Line
19. Ultramagnetic MC's - Give The Drummer Some x Smack My Bitch Up
20. Ultramagnetic MC's - Poppa Large (Patski Love’s East Coast x West Coast x Matthew Africa Remix Edit)
21. Ultramagnetic MC's - Kool Keith Housing Things
22. Ultramagnetic MC's - Travelling At The Speed Of Thought
23. The Cenobites, Godfather Don Feat. Kool Keith - Lex Lugor
24. Ultra - The Industry Is Wack
25. Kool Keith - Keep It Real... Represent
26. Ultramagnetic MC's - Raise It Up
27. Ultramagnetic MC's - One, Two, One, Two
28. Kool Keith - Get Off My Elevator
29. Kool Keith - Freaks
30. Kool Keith - Prepare
31. Ultramagnetic MC's - Ego Trippin’
32. Ultramagnetic MC's - I'm Fuckin’ Flippin’
33. Kool Keith - Eldaradoe’s
34. Ultramagnetic MC’s - Saga Of Dandy The Devil & Day
35. High & Mighty Feat. Kool Keith - Hands On Experience Pt. II
36. Tim Dog Feat. Kool Keith - Secret Fantasies
37. Ultramagnetic MC’s - Porno Star
38. Dr. Dooom - Welfare Love
39. Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers
40. Tommy Tee Feat. Kool Keith - I'm A Fuckin’ Star


Floyd said...

Love the blog. Been a daily visitor for many years. Kool Keith was In Ultramagnetic MC's not the UMC's. And UMC's is not a proper abbreviation of Ultramagnetic MC"s. Just thought I would point that out.

Anonymous said...

they was the UMCs b4 blue cheese...ijs

jimmy said...

the dr. octagon lp changed everything thanks to dan the automator and qbert.

Anonymous said...


the U.M.C.'s were a hip-hop duo from Staten Island with members Haas G and Kool Kim

I know Kool Keith has something to say about this, anyone want to dig up a verse?