Night Hype - Mixed by Sparkle Motion

Every single one of these Sparkle Motion mixes have been absolute money. This mix is certainly no exception.

Sparkle Motion are back with another speaker smasher for ya boomin' systems: 'Night Hype' takes it back to the days of stonewashed jean-jacket combos, doorknocker earrings, hi-top fades, 8-Ball jackets and customized Dapper Dan leathers.

During the late 80s/early 90s, R&B music was only just starting to flirt with a harder hip hop sound. Getting rappers to feature on R&B tracks was something very new at the time. Producers started moving away from polished record production to drum machine-backed rhythms that included hip hop influences.

This mix is dedicated to that era, and intended to seriously cold rock the hypest house or block party. Once you hit play, prepare for fly honeys and bass devastation everywhere. Word to ya muthaaa.


Pebbles - Mercedes Boy (Remix Radio Edit)
Paula Abdul - Knocked Out (7" Version)
Pebbles - Girlfriend (Extended Version)
Sybil feat. Salt-N-Pepa - Crazy 4 U
Johnny Gill - Wrap My Body Tight
Tony Terry - She's Fly (Dub Mix)
Sparkle Motion - Can't Stop The Show (Blend)
Al B. Sure! - Off On Your Own (Street Mix)
Jody Wately feat. Eric B. & Rakim - Friends (Remix)
Pebbles - Giving You The Benefit (Extended Version)
Bobby Brown - Every Little Step (Remix)
Today - Girl I Got My Eyes On You (12" Version)
Johnny Gill - Fairweathered Friend (Radio Remix)
Karyn White - The Way You Love Me (12" Hype Mix)
The Gyrlz - Wishing You Were Here (Boyz Meet Gyrlz 12" Mix)
Jody Wately - Real Love
Mac Band - Roses Are Red (Extended Version)
Stacy Lattisaw - Dance For You (Extended Version)
The Good Girls - I Need Your Love
Alyson Williams - Sleep Talk (12" Mix)
Sheena Easton - The Lover In Me (7" Version)
Vanessa Williams - The Right Stuff (Dub-A-Delic)


Anonymous said...

Gawd I love this stuff!

Godzilla Jr. said...

I just can't understand the current fascination with this style of 80s music. As a person who lived this era, I couldn't wait for it to be over. This type of synth-heavy, soulless black music was the nadir of all black musical expression.

Anonymous said...

Pure dopeness!!!