D-Styles & DJ Melo-D on MikiDz Show

D-Styles & Melo D - MikiDz Show - 10/28/13 from DJcityTV on Vimeo.

Legendary DJs D-Styles and Melo D from the Beat Junkies teamed up last week on the MikiDz Show for a rare 2x4 performance. The two showed why they're two of the best turntablists to ever do it. No controllers, synths or other fancy devices: just two mixers, four turntables and a bunch of nasty beats. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

them mixers are fancy devices, some of what they were doing would not have been possible on traditional mixers. I would have prefered them not to use these fancy mixers, but there you go.

Eric Nord said...

I was gonna say... those mixers and timecoded records are definitely fancy. That said, Hip Hop was built on pushing technology. It all boils down to the skill of the artist.