Cosmic Tones 4 Mental Therapy Volume 1 - Ras G

After the wife and kiddie went to sleep and the sabajon started to settle in, I spent Christmas Eve with my headphones on listening to this mix while watching Ralphie's quest for his Red Rider gun.  I highly recommend that you attempt to recapture my Christmas Eve experience because it was really quite enjoyable.  Below is the recipe:

- 4-6 glasses of sabajon (spiked eggnog) or any adult beverage should do
- T.V. playing A Christmas Story on mute
- Ras G's Cosmic Tones 4 Mental Therapy mix playing on headphones
- Cozy bed or couch
- Lay back and relax

Cosmic Tones 4 Mental Therapy Vol.1
(not in order)
GB, Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Kutmah, Matthew David,Smegma,Mono/Poly,Misel Quitno,Peter B,Professor Cantloupe, La Voz Sabia De Los Cosmos,
Pudge,Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, Mr Oizo,John Baker, Warner Jepson, Carlos Nino & MIguel Atwood Ferguison, Lady Oblivia, Bama,Ta` Raach,…………..and Ras_G
Smoke that.......Eat these...lay back.......and let go 2 this _Brotha There
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Bowls said...

Listened to this mix a few weeks ago - quality stuff. I like the recipe, by the way.

Rudy Martinez in Sacramento said...

Pipo said Cozy, lol