Rhythm Roulette: Damu the Fudgemunk

hose familiar with our “Rhythm Roulette” series are in for a treat and those new to this grab a seat, strap in, and take notes. We kick off 2014 with a special installment with DC’s own Damu The Fudgemunk. Repping his Redefinition Records, Damu stops by Fat Beats and hits up their drumkit to school us on his history and process when it comes to putting together beats and searching for “drum breaks.”

Starting off with some quick anecdotes about his early days in the game linking up with the DITC crew, getting schooled on drum breaks – from the very rare to the frequently used – and record stores buying him pizza and soda because he’d be copping records all day. A true beatsmith he even talks about the need to use original drum breaks from records rather than sampling from existing mixes “even if it takes 30 years.” To close the episode, Damu hits the drumkit and replicates a few well to lesser known soul and hip hop drum breaks. Check out the epsiode above and be sure to head over to Damu’s BandCamp to get your hands on “Spare Overtime – Reinspired” offered both digitally and on 12″ Vinyl with a Bonus 45.

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