A-Trak's Home Studio

The intended purpose of the video is the not so subtle product placement of Sonos. Big freaking deal, somebody is trying to sell you something. Now, tell me the sun rises in the east. With all the advertising now out in the open, the video allows you to get a good glimpse of A-Trak's crib and home studio. By the looks of it, it's pretty clear that mixing pays, at least for some. It also looks like I need to make sure that my wife and A-Trak are never in the same room because it appears that dude is as big of a mid-century modern fan as Mrs. Mixes. Final thought: Just when I was getting over my envy of the niceness of A-Trak's crib, he had to go throw in that "while I make brussels sprouts in the kitchen" comment. Dude not only has a nicer crib than you, but he eats healthier than you too. Take that!

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pipomixes said...

i'll know when I've made it when my place is that CLEAN.

in all my time, digging, collecting, reading, amassing, curating, etc, the one thing that has been my greatest challenge is organizing. I give props to A-Trak and the other countless DJs who've been generous enough to make us droll over their studio abodes. but the 1 Billion Dollar question is, how does one perfect their craft and still take/MAKE the time to not only have an awesome and clean home(studio in some cases), but also even more importantly a 'funk'tional one.

before I get too far off topic, i'm gonna get all TMZ like...I wonder how A-Trak and QBert get along these days. I'm kinda too lazy to fact check right now, but I remember when a young A-Trak was coming up as a teenager (barely). and Q was touting him as the future even making him an honorary Pikl. Q for the most part stuck with what he did and 'A' just went off and did his own thing.

Q was right about his young padawan, and A-Trak is who he is today. he maintains his superstar DJ status with an incredible résumé. he also has clean house. Damn it! That guy!

staying on topic, I hope they are really good DJ chums and one day I hope they are both featured on a future regular episodic web-series called 'hoarders vs superstar DJs'.