First Word Records x Record Store Day - Nothing Leaves The House

Mr. Thing opens up his record collection and gives free reign to Kidkanevil, Tall Black Guy, and Eric Lau. The video has all sorts of amazing shots of Mr. Thing's vinyl collection and home studio. I've got to track down one of those Moment of Truth posters yesterday. Props to Hector V for the look out.
On a Saturday morning at the start of November 2013, First Word Records took 3 of our favourite producers out of London to spend the day browsing through the vinyl shelves of the biggest record nerd we know - the incomparable Mr Thing.

This was the culmination of an idea that first manifested itself on Record Store Day 2012. Like most ideas it was a natural conclusion to a conversation about records and music - kidkanevil had expressed a desire to dig through Mr Thing's sizeable collection for some inspiration. Chatting to Mr Thing it seemed unfair to limit this to only one producer - Tall Black Guy and Eric Lau were top of our wish list.

So - a double 7" (Mr Thing would make a beat too - they are his records after all) in time for Record Store Day 2013 (yes, we're a year late). There was however one stipulation about the records from the usually mild-mannered Mr Thing:

'The guys can sample anything they like, but Nothing Leaves The House....'

And who were we to argue.....

The result is four tracks that celebrate our love for record digging, sample chopping and the simple love of a dope beat.

This video gives you a taste of what went on!

Filmed by Ricky Kershaw and Jeff Metal.
Edited by Ricky Kershaw.

Listen to the tracks here:

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pipomixes said...

Thanx for the luv Pipo, appreciate it!
-DJ Hector V