Crate Diggers: Spin Doctor

For nearly 10 years, London-based producer Spin Doctor has been at the helm of one of the UK's best weekly parties, "The Doctors Orders." In the latest episode of Fuse's digital series Crate Diggers, the British DJ explains how he finds his best records.

"You get this radar," he says about becoming infatuated with vinyl. "Somehow you're able to sniff them out on a back street market."

Spin Doctor first got into music when he was a young boy, growing up with his five older brothers and sisters to guide him. One day his sister brought home a copy of the Beastie Boys' seminal album Licensed to Ill and he was blown away. "I was pouring over sleeve notes and credits and labels to try and figure out what this music was," he recalls. "I always the guy who played the records at the parties."

Spin Doctor also has a thing for musicians who use erotic images on their covers and knows a thing or two about how to score these "rare grooves." For this and a quick tour of Spin Doctor's rare and weird vinyl, check out the episode above.
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