Live at Nightline - Mixed by DJ Melo-D

A portion of Melo-D's mix from the Beat Junkies' new monthly at the Pot Lobby Bar in Korea Town.  Based on the track selection and the mix style, it sounds like this was recorded during the early, lounge hours of the evening.  Nothing too fancy here, but you can still hear that Melo-D "cleanness" that is always so distinguishable about his legendary sets.



pipomixes said...

Thanks for this. Semi-unrelated, but some time ago, Melo-D overtook J.Rocc as the best DJ in that crew. I applaud J.Rocc for taking risks/playing new shit/etc, but it's almost like his live mixing took a hit in favor of playing more varied sets. Melo's consistency with the super-clean technical shit is amazing. Thankfully J.Rocc still puts out incredible mix tapes. Long live The Beat Junkies.

pipomixes said...

I generally agree with you, though you could argue that Melo's style has always been the "cleanest" of the crew. I think J.Rocc's recent Boiler Room mix was a virtuoso performance, seamlessly mixing all the newer material that is more challenging to mix. My only gripe with Melo is that the style of music he now mixes is terrible. However, I'm not too hard on him because I understand that he's just trying to eat.