Old School Need To Learn'O Plot #1 - DJ Cash Money

World Cup is over, I've licked my wounds (still licking to be honest), and now I'm back on my bloggin' grind. Now that I'm once again devoting proper attention to all things mix related, I've found some gems that I missed over the last month.  Case in point, this classic Cash Money mix from back in the day.

**Perhaps it is now time to release Beats, Headphones, and Coffee mix I've sitting on for a minute.
This infamous green tape was released around 1994.This was the first tape out of my Old School Need To Learn-O series..Out of all the mixes i have done, this tape is my favorite because the songs on this mix is what got me into hip hop. This is hip hop at it's purest form....This is one of the most sought after mixes i have done..Also this is Pre-Serato which means all vinyl records were used..This is my gift to all of my fans..ENJOY!!!!