AEIOU Warmups...the Iron Chef

This is an absolutely incredible mix of random funky, soulful, breaks you'd find on a day of diggin' through various record stores. Excellent song selection accompanied by outstanding cuts and mixing. I'm not exactly sure who the deejay behind this mix is (Iron Chef, AIOU Beats?), so feel free to tell me in the comments section if you know. The deejay behind this mix deserves credit.
Duey FM & Tripledouble's
AEIOU Warmups...the Iron Chef Mix
When visitors come to Philly, we try to give them a slice of life.
Not just a taste of album covers and rotating wax, but the type of everyday culture that inspires our love for music.
So on a whirlwind Spring afternoon, we trooped some out of town guests through
crack-a-dawn fleas, street scapes, dusty shops, greasy Italian lunch counters and our home record sanctuaries.
This mix showcases the random assortment of records that crossed our path during that sunny day in Philadelphia.
Its also a small taste of the madness to come as ...
Duey FM, Master Sinh, and Tripledouble polish up AEIOU 2000.

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