Tucker & Bloom Presents: Welcome to New Orleans - Mixed by Personify

One of my great regrets is that the one time I was able to visit New Orleans I spent nearly all of my time in strip clubs and not at all the local bars soaking-up the N.O. music flava.  Hopefully, I'll get the opportunity to visit the great city again and do it right.  Until then, I suppose this excellently crafted mix (and watching Treme re-runs) is about as close as I'll get.  Enjoy.

Tucker & Bloom Presents: Welcome to New Orleans mixed by Personify

Welcome to New Orleans: A tribute to New Orleans Funk and Soul is the work of New Orleans native, DJ Personify. Raised in the Crescent City, the die-hard Hip-Hop fan learned early on that many of the samples he discovered originated in New Orleans. He soon became infatuated with the Funk and Soul music recorded there and has spent the better part of the last twenty years immersed in the culture of those records. Personify’s passion for New Orleans' music and culture extends to the present day and is manifested in this DJ mix masterpiece. Lovingly compiled, all of the artists featured on the mix are native to New Orleans with the exception of Hugo Montenegro who plays alongside Al Hirt (a New Orleans native) and The Headhunters, who are included here because of their work with Bill Summers (a life-long New Orleanian). All songs and samples used on this mix were recorded from vinyl sources. You can find a track list and record release notes on the blog at www.tucker-bloom.com. Limited edition CDs with killer artwork and packaging designed by Case Bloom of Tucker & Bloom are also available for pre-order at personify.bandcamp.com/. The CDs are highly limited, so be sure to cop one before they are all gone!

We hope you enjoy and are inspired to go learn more about New Orleans music and culture!


Welcome to New Orleans is the first in a new series of DJ mixes curated by Tucker & Bloom. Focused on regional music, each mix will feature a DJ and record collector who specializes in the musical history of their town. Be sure to stay follow Tucker & Bloom on Twitter @tuckerbloom for updates on other forthcoming mixes in their new city mixtape series. And of course, check out the Tucker & Bloom website for all of your personal bag and luggage needs!

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