DJ Sheep Live at the Do-Over (2009)

I simply can't keep up with Sheep's work rate.  Here's a live mix from the Do-Over circa 2009.  The Do-Over crowd has always been a little on the annoying side, but the quality of mixes were certainly far better (and available) when the party was being held at Cranes Tavern.  I highly recommend you eat-up these Sheep mixes while they're around because nothing lasts forever.  Description of the mix below.  Enjoy.

Recorded Live: 12th July 2009
Playing at the world-famous Do-Over party should be on every true DJ's bucket list. It's the best travelling party we have in the Outer Rim [a/k/a Earth for those not down with Star Wars]. I was planning to attend the Do-Over the weekend I played just to see what the hype was about. That plan changed when the phone rang at lunch with Aloe Blacc inviting me to play a set. I was really stoked but nervous all the same when I found out J-Rocc, Peanut Butter Wolf, Andy Votel and Mayer Hawthorne were on the bill!
A few hours later with next to no preparation and my hard drive, I'm up in Cranes Hollywood Tavern behind the wheels of steel with a glass of Sangria in hand having a lovely time in the Cali summer.
I set this mix off with a latin remix of DWYCK by Gang Starr, a couple more latin joints, a fat slab of funk and then it's nothin' but Boogie & Disco with a touch of Electro & Freestyle for the hour.
Massive shouts to Aloe-Blacc for holding down the mic. Peace to Chris Haycock and Maya Jupiter. Props to Los Angeles Times who did a feature on the Do-Over in which my mug ended up in that piece; it made my mum was proud when I gave her a copy. Thanks Do-Over, I hope to rock it with ya'll again! Definitely a huge highlight in my DJ "career". Keep rockin' the world!
peace. DJ Sheep
NOTE TO SELF: Too much sangria = trainwreck mixes.
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