Reading Material: The Triumphs and Tragedies of Larry Smith

If you're a fan of this blog it is likely that you've studied a production credit or two.  For that reason, I don't need to explain to any of you how influential Larry Smith was in molding the sound of rap music.  Here is an excellent article that chronicles the highlights of Larry Smith's production work and its impact on rap music.  Unfortunately, the article ends in bitter fashion by identifying yet another tale of a music legend languishing away forgotten and broke.  Read the article HERE.

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pipomixes said...

Wow I never knew Rakim's brother was in Orange Krush. Nor Larry's involvement with Rappin. One of the worst "Hip Hop" movies, the worst being "Body Rock" with Lorenzo Lamas. It's sad to see what has happened to him. With today's technology I wonder what would happen if the hundreds of people sent Russell Simmons a link to article on twitter. With all his charitable works it would seem a no-branier to help out someone who contributed to much of his success.