Rhythm Roulette: Pyramid Vritra

Feelin' the set-up, though I have one question: What's the point of having all that hardware if you're just running everything through the laptop?


pipomixes said...

Hardware is no different than software plugins, only they take up more space in the studio. It's common to have dozens of software plugins INSIDE the computer. And it's also pretty common to have random gear outside it. A lot of outboard gear is highly specialized, often focused on effects, mastering, or synthesis. Just like plugins, some outboard gear gets used infrequently because it has a specialized purpose. Or he simply hasn't gotten around to selling it on craigslist ;-).

Another thing to consider is that this is a sample-based composition project, which is the least likely type of project to use lots of outboard gear. For El-P's session, he used a bunch of different hardware, but it was mostly just effects and nothing you couldn't do with a software plugin.

Gear is expensive and times change quickly. What you often see in a typical producers "studio" is a mishmash of stuff, like a music gear time capsule.

pipomixes said...

That's the Stones Throw studio. He obviously doesn't use hardware.

pipomixes said...

Good to know. Pretty cool set-up they have there