Trickin' & Beatin' on $alamander Street - Mixed by DJ Sheep

The newly crowned king of this whole internet mixtape game comes through with a Halloween themed mix. Speaking of Halloween, this Halloween I'm vowing to creep-up on them little teeny bops who jacked my candy bowl last year. Hey, if these little teeny bops quit while they're ahead; game will have to respect game. However, if they get greedy and come back for another "unattended" bowl of candy; a hoodie'd out, Jason mask wearing, Bushwick Bill headphone listening Pipomixes will be there to greet them. Take my candy, cool. Take my bowl and I'm coming for that ass.

HAPPY HELLOWEEN from $ALAMANDER $TREET: Here's a extended mix to celebrate that time of the year where it's nothin' but horror, gore, pympin', murderin', lootin', jackin' and slangin' goin' down on $alamander. Dedicated to one of the originators of Horrorcore, Bushwick Bill and his sidekick Chuckwick.
Ganksta N-I-P - Psycho
DMG - Prelude to a Murdah
The Terrorists - Dead Bodies
Bushwick Bill - Chuckwick
Gravediggaz - Freak the Sorceress
Geto Boys - Mind of a Lunatic
The Cenobites - Rhymes I Sniff a/k/a Carlos Died
Jakprogresso - 40 Chops
K-Rino - Overdose
Flatlinerz - Graveyard Nightmare
Warcloud - Smuggling Booze in the Graveyard
Cas - All Hallow's Eve
Seagram - Wages of Sin
O.C.U. - Blood On My Hands
Paris - On The Prowl
Geto Boys - Cereal Killer
Bushwick Bill - Skitso
Insane Poetry - Manic Depressive
Brotha Lynch Hung - Welcome 2 Your Own Death
Kool G Rap - Train Robbery
Ganksta N-I-P - Horror Movie Rap
Gregory G - Nightmare on Slanga Street
Geto Boys - Chuck
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