SXSW Boiler Room: J. Rocc

J. Rocc Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 006 DJ Set by brtvofficial

J. Rocc kinda played down the quality of this set on his Twitter, but this is one of the better Funky President sets you'll find (which is saying quite a bit). Audio download can be found HERE. Highly Recommended.

Updated Commentary: As big of a fan of J.Rocc that I am, I think it's time he shelves the "Get the F*ck Up" to "Welcome to Jamrock" routine.


pipomixes said...

What's the name of this Guilty Simpson track? what a banger!
I hope they release this track soon.

pipomixes said...

Come on Pipo,, asking him not to do that routine is like asking Dominique Wilkins not to Windmill Dunk!! lol