Bogota Got Beats - Mixed by Pipomixes

Haven't dropped a mix in almost a year. Life has its way of pulling a deejay from his tables. Bogota got beats and Boiler Room sent the ol' Pipomixes to his mother's motherland to prove it. Classic night. Future beats and seamless blends. That is; until some lil Bogota hoppers shot-up the spot (video currently being held for ransom). I made like Carlito at the pool hall with his cousin; grabbed a flash drive; downloaded the mix, and was out the backdoor. Good thing Pachanga found work with Narcos. Hopefully, he won't tell Benny I uploaded the mix. Doesn't matter anyway because the mix already hit the web. Anybody seen Gail? Shoutout to the folks at Boiler Room. Sorry about the mess. Hoppers like beats too. More than that; I guess they can't stand some standing around, phone checking, want to be on camera moth$rf@ck!rs.

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