Abstrakt Cratery - Mixed by Lord Finesse

I literally say this every time I post a Lord Finesse mix, but I'll say it again; I don't understand why I ALWAYS overlook this guy as a top echelon deejay. All of his mixes (which I think 99% of are recorded live) are Highly Recommended status.
Lord Finesse - Abstrakt Cratery (no specific format) Soul, Funk, Breaks, The Unknown..
Inspired by a few drinks on a smooth Saturday****
Special Thanks - Arcee (Cratery Blog), Kenny Dope, Rasheed Chappell, O Gee, Tall Black Guy, Jorun Bombay, Daniel Crawford, DJ Jazzy Jeff (Playlist 2015), DITC (Show, Buckwild AG, OC, Diamond, Fat Joe, R.I.P.- Big L), Boogie Blind, Breakbeat Lou, Richard: Slice of Spice, All my supporters & true music lover around the world..
Extra Thanks... Nico.. (Mixcloud Co-Founder)*****

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