Three the Hard Way - Mixed by QSTN, Manwell, and KidDragon

Highly Recommended mix brought to my attention by the good people over at Egotrip.  You can access the free download of this mix or purchase the cassette HERE.

In a related, unrelated note: I'm seeing more and more mixes appearing on Mixcloud instead of Soundcloud.  However, though it appears that there is a not so subtle exodus of deejays fleeing Soundcloud in favor of Mixcloud; the Mixcloud hosted mixes don't nearly have the same level of traffic compared to Soundcloud hosted mixes (even with the exodus).  Even mixes by well known deejays show relatively modest numbers when hosted on Mixcloud.  Which raises the dilema we all find ourselves in as deejays.  Which is better: A mix hosted by Soundcloud that reaches a wider audience that runs the risk of being taken down (and your account potentially closed); or a safely uploaded mix to Mixcloud that really isn't going to be heard by anybody?  A question for the ages.

We've been talking about this project since last December and it's finally here!! The trio (consisting of KidDragon, Manwell and QSTN) have put in some major work on this and the end result is straight fire!! The idea for the project came from 3 of them playing heavy funk sets one day and thought it would be dope to put together a mix to celebrate the 2 turntablists (KD & Manwell) joining the cr3w.

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