Solid Steel Radio Show 24/6/2016 Hour 1 (Odelay Tribute Mix) - Moneyshot + Cheeba (Odelay Tribute Mix)

Highly Recommended. In a related note, this mix caused me to remember back to 2002 when I first bought an SP-303 (before Madlib was using it and it became all the rage).  Here's how the conversation went between me and the sales rep at Guitar Center.

Pipo's Mind: I want to buy an MPC-60 just like Premo so I can make Premo'type beats.
What Pipo Actually Said: Where can I find an MPC-60 and how much do they cost?
Guitar Center Rep: Akai discontinued the MPC-60 a long time ago.  There's a used one over there that we're selling for $1,500.
Pipo's Mind: Used?  $1,500?  That's about $1,000 more than I can afford (and the $500 I'm willing to spend is all on credit).
What Pipo Actually Said: Is there anything in the $400-500 range?
Guitar Center Rep: We've got an SP-303 for $300 (pointing over to the still unknown sampler).
Pipo's Mind: Man, that looks more bootleg than my original set of Gemini turntables.
What Pipo Actually Said: Is that really a sampler?
Guitar Center Rep: Yup.  In fact, Beck was in here the other day and bought a few.
Pipo's Mind: Do I look like I'm trying to make "Beck'type" music?  Was that supposed to be a selling point?  The last thing I want is some sampler who's claim to fame is Beck uses it.  Jesus, probably Kurt Loder would be the only person on this earth who would be impressed by that.
What Pipo Actually Said: Beck, huh?  Wow, pretty cool.  Anything else in this price range?
Pipo's Mind: Yeah, like something that doesn't look you'd buy it at Toys'R'Us?
Guitar Center Rep: Nope.  That's all we got in that price range.
What Pipo Said: You guys accept Visa?

Solid Steel (24th June) On June 18th 1996 Beck Hansen released his genre-smashing Dust Brothers produced second album, Odelay. 20 years later, DJs Moneyshot and Cheeba present a chronological mixtape charting the vast amount of samples, remixes, influences and references involved in the LP, with exclusive narration from Dust Brother, Mike Simpson.
Not only a multi-layered and expansive mix project, Moneyshot and Cheeba will also soon be hitting the road with a stunning audio visual adaptation, live on... 'Four Turntables and a Microphone'
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