A Tribe Called Quest 'Beats Rhymes & Life' 20th Anniversary Mixtape - Mixed by Chris Read

I mean this in the most complimentary of ways to the quality of the mix; I much prefer to listen to this mix than the actual album.

Today (30th July 2016) marks the 20th Anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest's 4th and penultimate studio album, 'Beats Rhymes & Life'. Produced almost entirely by the Ummah, a production outfit featuring a young J-Dilla, it's rich in samples and displays a bass heavy, more stripped down production sound than previous albums. Also heavily featured is Consequence whose career was largely kickstarted by the release. Released 3 years after the group's seminal 'Midnight Marauders' with recording said to have been affected by internal differences in the group, the LP failed to gain the critical acclaim of previous offerings at the time of release, critics suggesting it lacked the chemistry evident on earlier albums. 20 years on however it remains a great listen.


B. said...

Thanks for the dope post..just like Stakes Is High 25th, no download? Want to bump these at the gym!

pipomixes said...

Check the soundcloud page to see if there's a download link there. If not, you can always use offliberty.com. Better than nothing