Thank You Mix Series Vol.2: Street Corner Music - Mixed by: OMEGA:NYC

Superb mix of releases coming from House Shoes' label Street Corner Music.  Highly Recommended.
Does anyone read this part.......? I write descriptions all the time but I am never certain anyone reads 'em. So here I go again!
Thank you to House Shoes for putting out crazy records! Nuff said!
I recorded this in August of 2016, shortly after posting the "Friday Night Minus the Beer" mix. My inspiration for the mix came from the countless hours I have spent listening the the street corner music catalog. Shoes gave us the Gift's Vol one to ten and I own each volume on vinyl. At the start of the year solo projects were being released on his label as well, EXT, iLLingsworth, Swarvy and Chanes(just to name a few). I immediately supported these records and cassettes set to drop throughout the year. Realizing what I owned and recognizing how deep my SCM catalog had grown, I decided to make a mix. This is not a "best of" mix because the label has at least 5 new releases that dropped after I mad this mix. The mix I crafted is simply my gift to anyone who listens to good music. The thank you mix series was something I wanted to create to document my gratitude to all of the records stores and labels that put out great music.
This mix was made using vinyl and cassette. The recordings are performed live and then edited to create a seamless, continuous blend of music. Thank you to iLLingsworth for posting a youtube video that helped to create the narration for the mix. Thank you to House Shoes for always putting dope music in my hands!


analoghdesc said...

yes Pipo i do read your comments in between diaper changes and burping and grilling :)

Thanks again man you kept me from going insane over the past 9 months :)

Dj said...

Salute, I read the descriptions and appreciate your postings!