UpNorthTrips Presents: The Iron Age (A Mix by Its Overture)

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Iron Man.  Supreme Clientele will always be my favorite Ghost album (it's easily in my top 10 of all-time), but the Rza's production on Ghost's freshman effort can't be denied.  This album has never really been the same for me since Ghost dissed his own first album himself.  Here's a more recent interview where Ghost clarifies his critical comments regarding his lyrics on Iron Man.
When @evboogie from @upnorthtrips proposed the idea for a mix celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ironman, we couldn't resist, considering that Ghostface might be our favorite rapper ever.
Since Ironman was the last of six Wu-Tang albums produced entirely by Rza, we widened the scope of the mix in order to pay homage to his legendary run in that classic Wu-Tang era.
Artwork by @rhek

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